The List of Departments - Structure of EUCNC - Europe-China Commission


★Liaison Office for EU Affairs

★Subsidiary Departments

   · Fund Management Center
   · Financial Management Center
   · Regional Development Center along the New Silk Road
   · Intellectual Property Management Center
   · Product Certification Management Center
   · Europe-China Creative Industry Committee
   · Cultural Education Cooperation and Exchange Center
   · EU-China International Culture Art Center
   · China-Europe Wisdom Health 4.0 Professional Committee
   · Tourism Industry Management Center
   · EU-China Entrepreneur's Club
   · China-Europe Industrial 4.0 Research Institute
   · China-Europe Urbanization Development Research Center
   · China-Europe High and New Technology Industry Innovation Alliance Development Center
   · Clocks,Jewelry,Crafts and Luxury Brand Management Center

   · China-Europe Sustainable Development Research Institute
   · Europe-China AI-Robot Industry Committee
   · EU-China Industrial Technology Transfer Center
   · Carbon-Rich Agricultural Carbon Finance Operation and Management Center

★ Functional Departments
   · Europe-China Culture & Economy Exchange Center

   · EU Culture Fund
   · Beijing China-EU Fund Management Center
   · China-Europe Millennium Investment Ltd

   · Europe-China Investment Co.,Ltd

   · EU-China Fund Management Ltd