Business - Europe-China Culture and Economy Commission


Over years, EUCNC is devoted to the work of constructing the platform of ensuring the exchange of information on the equal footing between the respective demands of EU member countries and China. EUCNC brings forth the concrete action plans in the light of the future development trends of EU and China and their own national policies. While aiming to solve the actual needs of EU member countries and China, EUCNC is actively engaged in perfecting the undertaken projects to be the example of remarkable integration of economic and social benefits. 
EUCNC is consistently set on becoming the high-level think tank that copes with the affairs concerning the future development of EU and China. EUCNC will play its role well as the international non-governmental organization in order to promote the cultural and economic diplomacy between two regions by virtue of the concrete actions. EUCNC adheres to new opportunities that are created by the rising of China’s economy to the world, especially EU and executes the practical and down-to-earth solution plans in accordance with the national policies of China, such as New Silk Road, One Belt and One Road Economic Construction, China-EU Urbanization Cooperation. EUCNC is determined to make its own contribution to the further development of the cooperation between China and EU.