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EUCNC Chairman Xie’s New Year Speech

EUCNC Chairman Xie’s New Year Speech

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Dear friends and colleagues, good morning! Today is January 1st of 2018, the beginning of the new year with everything taking on a new look. At this turn of the year, I now extend my best wishes to all friends, Happy New Year and wish you all the best!

A look back at 2017, China-EU relations have made remarkable headway, with Europe becoming China’s largest trading partner and China being Europe’s second largest market. China and the EU continously pushed forward negotiations on huge investment agreements, and deepened strategic partnerships. Cooperation between China and the EU covers global hot issues and fields such as politics, security, economy and trade, investment, climate change and energy problems, reflecting the truly comprehensive global partnership bewteen China and the EU, and that joint efforts of both sides can create more hopes and achievements! 

2017 witnessed the rapid development and outstanding achievements of EUCNC. As a bridge for China’s cooperation with various EU member states, EUCNC has spared no efforts improving the exchange platform of equality, fairness and mutual benefit among governments, cities and enterprises of China and the EU. Strategic development planning involves economy and trade, culture and art, biotechnology, education, sports, ecoagriculture, healthcare etc. Compared with the past, we have made substantial progress in project coordination, deepening cooperative relations, facilitating project implementation, and in particular, establising the long-acting cooperation mechanism. In the past year, EUCNC has led delegations to visit more than 20 countries and regions, including Turkey, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia and Sri Lanka; supported and co-organized over 50 events and forums such as “Innovative World Start from Xiamen .EU-China Signing – Global Joint Innovation Launch Ceremony”; Milan forum themed on “EU and China: Cooperation Prospect”; “Embark On a Journey of Science and Technology: Press Conference of Euro Space Centre in China”; been involved in and led a variety of international and national projects, including development and operation of National Base for International Cultural Trade, establishment and distribution of Chamber of Commerce for World Fashion and Culture, planning and preparation of EU-China Industry Development Fund, coordination of small diplomatic towns etc., which laid solid foundation for deepening cooperation and  achieving win-win developments. 

In the coming year, EUCNC will speed up the implementation of its representative office in various provinces and cities in China, improve international resources and team strength, provide stronger support to industrial development of the EU and China; continue its efforts to provide incubators of scientific and technological innovations as well as industrial services; introduce a sound evaluation system of scientific and technological achievements, and the internatinal think tank for innovation and entrepreneurship; advance the long-term and close partnership with technology and innovation platforms in the EU, US, Israel and Asia; seek deeper and broader cooperation in Belt and Road China-EU New Urbanization (small towns), carbon finance, robotics and artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, big data, ecoagriculture, healthcare, culture and education. 

2018 is EU-China Tourism Year. More frequent exchanges and communications between China and the EU will bring people of both sides closer together. I am firmly convinced that as long as the international community joins hands and adheres to the concept of a community of common destiny, we will surely expcet a more peaceful, prosperous and brighter world!

Let us embrace 2018 with full confidence and expectations! 

Thank you!