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Europe-China Collaborative Innovation along the Belt and Road

The EUCNC worked as an important support unit assisted Zhongguancun Belt and Road Industry Promotion Association hold the first "Biweek Salon" in Beijing on April 26, 2018, People's Daily, People's Network, Xinhuanet, and China National Brand Network and other institutions and media participated in this salon and made wonderful reports.

The theme of the salon is “Europe-China Collaborative Innovation along the Belt and Road”. It aims to analyze and consider the mutual influence between the China dream and the EU dream, and explore how to build the Zhongguancun road of human destiny community.

Mr Xie Jianzhong, Chairman of EUCNC, made important speeches and keynote speeches. He believes that China and the EU should study together and apply the increasing mutual trust and interdependence between both sides, learn to negotiate and resolve different opinions, on the basis of respecting cultural differences and meeting common appeals, actively promote the Europe-China pragmatic cooperation and collaborative innovation along the “Belt and Road”.

                  Chairman Xie emphasized that the "Belt and Road" is the initiative that China put forward facing global. It is a development policy that requires every country, every nation, and every person to pay close attention to and actively participate. Zhongguancun is a very important brand of China to let the world understand the “Zhongguancun model” and can let the world see the development results of Chinese 40 years of reform and opening up and the driving force for Chinese development; it also allows the world to see the development ideas and strategy and measures of our country. How China used 40 years to develop into the second-largest country in the world. Nowadays, we need to use the wisdom of Chinese people to communicate with the world under the “Belt and Road” because of the differences in ideology, social formation, system, and philosophy between many countries and China.

Chairman Xie specifically talked about the signing of the agreement between the EUCNC and the 16+1 Central and Eastern European countries in the cooperation between the “Belt and Road” and established the "Belt and Road EU-China Cooperation Center." During the talk, Chairman Xie stressed that we must constantly think about how some problems between China, Europe, and the world can be solved. How to use Chinese shared thinking mode and Chinese world view to influence the world to make the world know more about us, understand more about Chinese culture. We need to let the world know what our philosophy is, rather than simply exporting products abroad. What kind of wisdom, what kind of model and what kind of thinking do we have to take in the countries along the Belt and Road to really realize and practice the concept of the human destiny community proposed by President Xi?

Chairman Xie led the committee to launch the “World Heart Network Project”, which is a true portrayal of the concept of the human destiny community. The world needs to be shared to achieve the true sense of the human destiny community. It is actually a project that connects hearts and minds. Although the world's culture is harmonious with different, but the “Belt and Road” is the real way to let the world and humanity move toward the human destiny community as long as we use our tolerance minds,

In the era that all people are standing at a crossroads, what kind of way and methods should we use to resolve such problems?

Today, we humans should return to the origin and rethink the issues of clothing, food, housing, transportation and education. There must be new discoveries, new patterns, and new thinking in new era. Therefore, we hope to have more face-to-face exchanges with more people. We hope our China Dream, the human destiny community, and the era of sharing, including the "World Heart Network Project" put forward by the Committee can keep developing.

When talking about innovative education related topics, Chairman Xie said that the EUCNC has been promoting activities related to innovation education around the world. We have done some analysis of education in various continents and regions around the world, and finally we focused on two places, one is the United States and the other is Israel. Some European schools have also been making key reforms in innovation education. The first thing done after Chairman Xie returned to China from Europe this year was to hold a roundtable meeting which is about innovation education around the world. People’s Daily also made relevant reports about this meeting. We also invited Israel’s innovative education experts and the general counsel of the country’s Ministry of Education to attend this meeting. Education is the fundamental source of the Israeli miracle. Israel is the country with the highest percentage of global education GDP, the second highest educated level in the world, and the country with the highest proportion of masters in the world. Israel’s population is only 0.2% of the global population, but it has 162 Nobel Prize winners, accounting for 20% of the total Nobel Prize. Innovative education freed everyone in the pyramids from the past and became a web-based educational ecosystem of mutual interaction and mutual assistance. It changes people’s way of learning, living, and working.

At the same time, EUCNC also hopes to combine traditional Chinese academies and innovative education so that the academy can become the carrier of traditional Chinese culture and education, which will enable Chinese traditional culture to inherit better, promote better, and innovate better. The relatively great institutions in the world who is currently doing in terms of innovative education, such as Microsoft, Google, and some large education groups, have made some communication with the EUCNC and put forward some innovative ideas for the Chinese education market. When they heard that innovation education can combine traditional Chinese culture, they are very excited because they feel that the “Chinese style” has come and Chinese traditional culture should receive more and more attention, so they are also thinking about using what kind of way to spread it. EUCNC has always been committed to applying Microsoft's newly developed MR technology into innovation education and the cultural inheritance system of the Academy.

Chairman Xie has full of expectations for the future impact what science and technology will bring to the world. He emphasized that the era of great changes happen to the world with science and technology has come. This is not a thing which can be influenced by we can or we cannot, but rather a historical trend. Just like the initial replacement of smart phones, within a decade, physical banks may no longer exist; within twenty years, the walls of hospitals may also collapse. These are the impact that future technology will bring to us.

In terms of art and film, Chairman Xie also expressed his opinions. He believes that these technologies will result the transformation in various industries in the future. Art and film give people wisdom, innovation and creativity. The core value of film and television is to give people inspiration, rather than excessive commercialization.

Chairman Xie summarized in the end: “What kind of model should be given and shared to the whole world in Zhongguancun's Belt and Road? I don’t think it’s a simple Zhongguancun model. How do we share it? What is the concrete method of the human destiny community? President Xi proposed the great imagination of the China dream. As Chinese descendants, we should not only be dreamers but should be the one who unlock the dream!"

Ms. Dong Huachun, Secretary-General of the EUCNC gave a speech on “Cultural Heart Networking EU-China Cooperation Innovation” and made clear explanations on the cultural significance of the “Belt and Road” and the six major topics of EU-China collaborative innovation which makes all the guests excited and minds open.

       At the salon, Zhang Xiaodong, chairman of the Zhongguancun “Belt and Road” Industry Promotion Association, stated that China and the European Union are both ends of the “Belt and Road”, and the development and changes in EU-China relations will have a huge impact on the “Belt and Road” and even global affairs. This Salon aims to analyze and consider the reflection on the mutual influence between the China dream and the EU dream, and explore how to build the road of Zhongguancun under the human destiny community.

Mr. Wang Fengsheng, former deputy secretary of Tsinghua University and former president of the Beijing Film Academy, said that the purpose and significance of running an academy is to try to help do the movie business which traditional movie industry cannot do. The contemporary film industry has many problems. It is difficult to handle all the problems by simply operating the film industry. Therefore, it is necessary for us to work together to make the academy bigger and better. We also need to consider this problem from a macro strategic perspective.

The important part of the salon were the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the EUCNC and the Zhongguancun “Belt and Road” Industry Promotion Association, the signing ceremony of the “Europe-China Belt and Road Innovation Fund (EU-China One New)” and the unveiling ceremony of Zhongguancun “Belt and Road” Industry Promotion Association Cultural and Tourism Professional Committee".

The former deputy political commissar of the Beijing Military Region, General Yu Aishui; the president of the China Characteristic Town Research Institute of the Economic Daily, Dr. Wang Guohua; Dr. Zhao Yuyang from the National Defense University; Ms. Zhou Lei from the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and Mr. Wang Zhiqiang, the president of Green Selenium Group; Mr. Liu Yongjun, Dean of Diaoyutai Dietary Institute; Mr. Qi Lingfeng, Chairman of Dingxin Huijin (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd.; Dr. Yu Yang, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Mengzhimo Technology Co., Ltd.; Ms. Chen Xiaoying, Chairman of Xiangshan academy; and Mr. Yi Ming, Chairman of Sheng Qiao (Beijing) Advertising Media Co., Ltd., and other nearly 30 guests also attended this salon. Everyone conducted an in-depth discussion on various topics about Zhongguancun Innovation along the “Belt and Road”, EU-China science & technology and cultural integration, EU-China film and arts talent leaders training programs, tourism-led cultural exchanges, Zhongguancun Belt and Road Industry Promotion Association “Vine plan”, jointly build The EU-China Belt and Road Entrepreneurship Innovation Center and the EU-China Science and Technology Culture Innovation Education Promotion Center in Zhongguancun and European countries, for example France”.