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Promoting agriculture through science and technology, Innovation benefit the country

     The “Inauguration Ceremony of the Modern Agriculture Special Committee of the Zhongguancun Private Technology Entrepreneurs Association and the Opening of the Innovation Enterprise Entering Zhongguancun Laboratory” was held in Dongsheng Science Park on April 28, 2018.

      The meeting was chaired by Huang Xianyong, Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of Zhongguan Villagers Association. After the election and voting, Dabei Agriculture Group was selected as the first president unit of the special committee and Song Weiping, executive vice president of Dabei Agriculture Group, as the first president of the special committee. Beijing Agricultural College, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, and China Agricultural University Veterinary Drug Safety Evaluation Center, the National Biopharmaceutical Industry Base Huilongsen SME Public Experimental Center, BoaoJingdian Molecular Detection Research and Application Center, and Beijing Shoujia Lihua Science and Technology Co., Ltd. became the first batch of vice president units of the special committee. Beijing Daweijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd. became the supervisors Unit.

        Dr. Dong Huachun, secretary-general of the EUCNC, and also the vice president of the Zhongguancun Private Technology Entrepreneurs Association, was invited to attend the meeting. She also shared three points at the meeting: (1) the development of the agricultural industry should be better achieved on Internationalization, especially the promotion of international certification of agricultural products and organic foods. Based on questions from all of meeting attendees, Dr. Dong detailed answered the question that committee's work process and key points on how to conduct EU certification in this area. The committee has always focused on introducing advanced high-tech technologies into China from countries such as the United States and Europe, and has done a lot of work on agriculture. At the same time, it has also focused on sharing high-tech technologies independently developed by the Chinese people along the Belt and Road with the world. (2) Financial capital should be better used to support the development of agriculture and the country's rural rejuvenation strategy, especially with the help of industrial funds, charitable trusts, and asset management plans, to gather more funds to achieve win-win. Dr. Dong shared examples and cooperation points with everyone. (3) The technology and resources of the high-tech agricultural enterprises of Zhongguan Villagers Association should be combined with the construction of characteristic towns in China to help the local towns to have more substantive content and high-tech content, so that more people can live, make entrepreneurship, stay and work in the local area not just weekend travel, at the same time, with the help from the subsidiary of EUCNC, China-Europe Special Town Committee in the nation’s outlets, to help every enterprise develop in the country, also to help more people to achieve physical and mental health, in the spiritual health in this process, we must pay more attention to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture, and the academy can become the most suitable carrier for missionary and spiritual practice.⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯

        Dr. Dong said that the EUCNC and the Zhongguancun Private Technology Entrepreneurs Association are very close cooperative partners, sharing resources in several major areas and seamlessly linking projects. In the future, they will also particularly support the work of the newly established modern agricultural special committee. Zhongguancun has brought together so many domestic leading agricultural high-tech enterprises, especially there are some national key laboratories and national research institutes. Everyone can make a concerted effort to reach Chinese rural areas and the future of Chinese rural strategy will be more likely to have concrete results. With the joint efforts of all the people, the new generation of peasants in rural China will use the most international innovation technology and have the best happy life in the future.

         Song Weiping, The president of the special committee, heated discussed about the development of the special committee with all member units. The conference invited more than 40 units in related fields from Dabei Agriculture Group, Beijing Agricultural College, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Qikou Poultry Industry, Huilongsen, Daweijia, Shuimu Jiutian. Finally, the participating entrepreneurs and representatives visited the National Laboratory of Microbial Engineering for Microbial Feeds with great interests. This is the only national key laboratory in the industry approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is based on the establishment of leading national agricultural industrialization enterprise Dabei Agriculture Group. The main task of the laboratory is to meet the needs of the development of Chinese feed biotechnology industry in the future and the technical needs of domestic healthy breeding, animal food safety, and aquaculture ecological environment, and focus on solving key common technical problems that restrict the development of Chinese feed biotechnology industry.

      The purpose of setting up the modern agricultural special committee is to take the platform of the association as basis, and to play a key role in promoting the president of the unit to build an industrial service platform and a scientific and technological cooperation platform for the modern agricultural sector, to give full play to the innovation ability of enterprises and research institutions and to promote the member units previously on communication and sharing of innovation resources, to promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the collaborative innovation development of enterprises and research institutions in the industry, to help promote industrial upgrading. ng key common technical problems that restrict the development of Chinese feed biotechnology industry.