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“GreenChina” The 18th Paris Ball Invitation

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We sincerely invite you to participate in a two-day event of 2018 "Green China" organized by the CLUB DES CHATELAINS CHINOIS DE FRANCE and MARQUISE INVEST from September 8 to 9, 2018. The 18th Paris Ball will be a tribute to the “French Castles and gardens” and hopes to join hands with the model of“Green Enterprise”, triggering the resonance of contemporary society in the urban-rural integration and rural-urban development boom.

The theme of the ball is "Green China". It aims to demonstrate Chinese economic development policy of insisting on respecting the ecological environment and pays tribute to Chinese grand initiative of introducing nature into the city center.

The Green Economy Forum will also be held during the celebration to promote the communication and cooperation between China and France in rural areas such as cities, agriculture, ecological design, ecological construction, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Business meetings, networking luncheons, and Paris ballrooms displaying the charm of French garden art are the highlights of the two-day schedule. Hundreds of outstanding representatives from the fields of business, industry, science, arts, politics and media will gather here, and entrepreneurs will speak with those leaders, new customers and partners. For Chinese and French entrepreneurs, this will be a rare opportunity.

The Chinese and French stars who are committed to environmental protection will also attend the ball and add glory to the ball.

The organizers also prepared activities for Chinese delegations to explore the beauty of Paris and the French countryside.

The French and Chinese media will also follow up on this event.

Sincerely look forward to your arrival! Please accept our sincere gratitude and respect.

                  MICHEL SOYER                                                        NATHALIE GESLIN-YU 冉诗兰

              President of Paris Ball                            President of LE CLUB DES CHATELAINS CHINOIS DE FRANCE


Joint organizers

Michel Soyer, Nathalie Geslin-Yu 冉诗兰, Son Altesse la Duchesse Rixa von Oldenburg

Honor Committee

Li-Chen, Jing Yang, Alexander Protasov, Deanna Gao, Bernard Duru, Jean-Pierre Heim.
Didier Audebert, Natacha Toutain, Dominique de Seguin, Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Anne de Bourbon-Siciles, Lorenzo Paraviccini-Bagliani, Héléna Compper, Enrico Paolo Frittoli, Jean-Pierre Grivory, Princesse Caroline Murat, Homayra Sellier, Son Altesse Serenissime le Prince Benedict zu Solms, Lioutsia Kabirova, Comte Paul V. Golunski, Evelyne Frank, comte Louis de Causans, comte  Bernard  de Saint Seine.

Enthusiastic environmental protection champions such as Marion Cotillard, Jean Reno, Laura Weissbecker, and an award-winning football player and sailor will all attend the Paris Ball and Green China Forum to add glory to the ball and the forum.



CLUB DES CHATELAINS CHINOIS DE FRANCE is a private business and cultural club dedicated to Chinese elites. These elites pay close attention to the inheritance of French history and have a strong desire to expand contacts and business networks in France and other French-speaking countries. The club creation committee is composed of French celebrities and a Chinese economic foundation. In France and other French-speaking countries, there is a strong social influence of the club network, to achieve the economic and cultural projects in France for the Chinese elite to create a harmonious and friendly, elegant and elegant business atmosphere, and to accompany the entire process and practical assistance. The club is headquartered in Paris, an emblematic and elegant city that symbolizes the art of French life, and has a branch office in Beijing.



The Paris Ball was created by Highness Rixa von Oldenburg and Michel Soyer and managed by a world-renowned committee. Day after day, year after year, the Parisian ball for 15 years has become one of the most popular events in the social life of Paris. The internationally acclaimed Paris Ball event is a tribute to Parisian culture, the heritage of Paris’s urban heritage, and the art of its elegant life. Every year, an overseas country receives special attention and shows. Delegations from more than 30 overseas countries participated in the event, and according to tradition, the international media reported it. The 2009 Paris Ball event was supported by high-level individuals including Nicolas Romanov, Russian Prince, Frédéric Mitterrand, French Minister of Cultural Exchange, Russian Minister of Culture Alexander • Alexandre Avdeev and His Excellency Eleonora Mitrofanova, Russian ambassador to UNESCO, Ambassador Elefthera. The Paris Ball in 2010 was supported by the Ministers of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand and Alexandre Avdeev. The Paris Ball in 2013 and 2014 focused on showing China.



            Websites for this event will soon be created soon

 8th September,2018

09:30  Visit Albert Kahn ALBERT-KAHN GARDENS Garden


The gardens have been built by the French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn ALBERT KAHN since 1895. Albert Kahn turned to various professionals, including Achille Duchêne, a famous French landscape architect. Albert Kahn has always advocated peace in the world, focused on harmonious dialogue between people of different races and different cultures, and carefully created a typical 19th-century garden with a lot of scenery. This garden is made up of several different national styles. The composition of the sub-gardens (French gardens, English gardens, Japanese gardens, etc.), and the sub-gardens have inexplicable tacit understanding and harmony. The garden as a whole symbolizes the peaceful world that Albert Kahn longed for. And Albert Kahn received many prestigious guests in his garden.

12:00  French Life Art Luncheon will be held at Palais VIVIENNE

The PALAIS VIVIENNE houses the most precious and outstanding private art collection in Paris. This private residence was built between 1706 and 1710 for Thomas Rivié de Riquebourg, the secretary of the King Louis XIV, and was marveled at by its magnificent architecture. Well-known philosophers, painters and artists have visited this place with unique charms, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Chateaubriand and Baudler. Baudelaire. Today, the Vivienne Palace is a private residence of Pierre Jean Chalençon, Pierre Jean-Claude, and is used to showcase its Napoleon Empire's distinguished art collection.                                                                                                                                           

14:00-17:30 GREEN CHINA FORUM The “Green China” Forum will bring together French experts, landscape designers and landscape architects, urban garden designers, and French Michelin names involved in ecology and environment, biodiversity, sustainable development and consumption. The kitchen inherits the heritage of vegetable and fruit cultivation and its expertise in "raw foods".

The publication of the Committee COMITÉ FRANCO-CHINOIS POUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DE L'URBANITÉ RURALE in the creation of the rural urban development law brings together well-known personalities and experts, such as French chef Alain Passard and environmental activist Louis. - Louis-Albert de Broglie, Prince Albert de Broglie, Guillaume Sainteny, Guillaume Saintey, environmental activist and politician Brice Lalonde, actor Mary Sophie, L Marie- Sophie L, Russian landscape designer Alexander Grivko, and Chinese counterparts. The committee is expected to carry out regular follow-up exchanges between France and China.


CHÂTEAU DE FERRIERES, the French castle built in 1829 for the financial giant James de Rothschild and his family, was unveiled by Napoleon III. The castle has a splendid interior and has been a venue for luxury events held by the Rothschild family. Today, the castle contains a high-end hotel management school, which is an international benchmark reflecting French excellence. The castle is surrounded by an English-style garden of 125 hectares and is considered one of the most beautiful parks in France.

Champagne cocktail welcome reception and chamber music concert brought by French and Chinese musicians.

A gala dinner hosted by French star chefs. Various activities.

Awarded the Grand Prize in Law to pay tribute to the extraordinary French Garden.

Paris Ball, waltz opening, dance.

Dress code: black tie, white tie, dress, dress.

The France-China Award to pay tribute to the “Extraordinary Garden”: The Award to pay tribute to the “Extraordinary Garden” was specially created for the 18th Paris Ball LE BAL DE PARIS. An extraordinary Chinese garden and an extraordinary French garden will be selected  to get this award. The jury will be composed of prominent individuals from China and France. Their professional knowledge and superb skills are highly recognized in this field. The award will be held once a year and the next will be held in China in 2019.

  9th, September , 2018 - Optional


Brunch at Chantilly Polo Club

15:00-18:00  You can also choose

The French-Chinese business meeting which will be held in a harmonious and friendly, informal atmosphere.

Participate in the France-China Golf Friendly Competition. The French Shattilla Royal Club golf trophy was created by a French artisan master

20:30    FOUQUET’S

Enjoy dinner in the luxurious restaurant on the Champs Elysées

Chinese delegation's special event arrangement - for election

Limited number of participants

Detailed Arrangement and Participation Conditions Upcoming Release

     10th -11th September, 2018

10:00      Take a trip to Normandy

12:00      Visit the private castle CHÂTEAU DE HOUETTEVILLE and enjoy lunch here


15:00         Visit Private Castle CHÂTEAU DE CHAMP DE BATAILLE

Located in the heart of Normandy's chalky plains, the Châte Bâtier Castle CHÂTEAU DE CHAMP DE BATAILLE is one of the most luxurious private residences in Normandy. This beautiful 17th-century castle is set in a 138-hectare park and was once restored by Jacques Garcia, a famous French interior architect. The exquisite interior decoration and furniture arrangement of the castle allow the glorious and splendid art of French life in the seventeenth century to be presented at a glance. The splendid gardens, unusually large-scale reconstruction projects, make the world amazing.


17:00     Visit well-known stud farms, cider brewing plants, or Cavados apple shochu brewery.

19:00     Dinner and stay overnight in Deauville. Return to Paris the next morning.

12th  - 13th , September, 2018

Based on the “Elegance in Paris” theme, the special two-day arrangement will lead Chinese guests to explore the best places for luxury in Paris and experience an exquisite French-art life.



Single entry : 800 €

Business Booking:


 "Riders" table: 8,000 €

10 excellent seats, champagne on the table for you to enjoy.

"Consul" table: 12,000 €

 In addition to the "rider" table service, there is also a limousine transfer between the hotel and the dance party, an official Parisian ball DVD, custom photo reports, and your name and logo appear in all documents related to the event (press package, press release, Websites, video interviews, printed versions of event schedules, film screenings, excerpts from newspapers and magazines, use this activity logo in your own outreach, with your name on the table).

"Envoy" table: 18,000 €

In addition to the "Consular" table service, you can also promote your products or services (Prom room interior window display, table delivery gifts, short video screenings, directory distribution, add your company's video clips on the official DVD, let you appear on the stage Above, get a list of our participants to achieve your own promotion.)

Important partner: 50,000 €

Enjoy all the privileges of the "ambassador" table, total 4 tables. There are important partner names during the event. Special lunches are held on the working day with Chinese and French business elites, political figures, and media professionals. As a major partner, we made a special appearance in this activity. Hold press conferences with French media to discuss partnerships and future projects. 


Contact us: If you are interested in the event, please contact us



     LE BAL DE PARIS                                                           CLUB DES CHATELAINS CHINOIS DE FRANCE

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